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Posted by Linda Duran on July 5, 2017

We’ve all had to suffer through it or something very much like it—July 4th picnic at Aunt Janie’s where she always luuvvves to tell the funny—no, the hilarious—story when you were just three—“knee high to a grasshopper”—and decided to water the flowers in the garden by peeing on each and every one.

Everybody laughs—once again. And you turn red-faced—once again.

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10 Steps Every Educator Needs to Know to Create a Trauma Informed School

Learning can be a real struggle for children who have experienced a trauma. But once trauma is identified as the root of the behavior, educators can adapt their approach to help students cope when they are at school.

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"Different" Ways to Help Hurting Students

Posted by Linda Duran on March 7, 2017 in healing category

As professionals who work with students we tend to think we have to do “special” or “big” things to help them if they are hurting from grief or trauma or even just the normal difficulties of life.

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Understanding Trauma Stewardship Part 2

Posted by Cherie Spehar on February 6, 2017 in self care category

Understanding Trauma Stewardship Blog Part 1

Welcome back to Part 2 of Trauma Stewardship.  I hope that you have had some time to reflect upon, if not write about, the journaling prompts and that you have found some insights about how and why you chose this healing work.

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Understanding Trauma Stewardship Part 1

Posted by Cheri Spehar on November 29, 2016 in self care category

As healing practitioners, most of us know quite a bit about self-care and self-support to prevent or manage compassion fatigue, burnout, and the loss of passion for our work. However, our overwhelming schedules, administrative responsibilities, and the general sense of feeling tired and ill-equipped to support further healing may make it feel as if we fall flat or don’t do enough.

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Tips for Helping the "It" Kids Through the Grieving Process

Posted by Linda Duran on September 23, 2016 in grief, grief counseling, grieving category

We all know who they are—the highly intelligent, creative, innovative individuals who do so much for our world. They are the doers, the problem solvers, the inventors, the artists, the organizers and the entrepreneurs. They take care of everything and everybody. They change the world—usually for the better – and we hardly even notice them or what they do for us. We just benefit from them being in our world.

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