Classroom Comfort Corners

Posted by Jean West on December 15, 2014 in classroom, safety, safety and structure, school, security, self-regulation, self-soothing category

The concept of “safe spaces” or “comfort corners” in school classrooms is part of the movement in helping our schools become trauma informed. These areas are a specific place designated within the classroom where a child can go to comfort themselves and regain control.

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Regulation - No Conversation Needed

Posted on June 19, 2014 in self-regulation category

My morning Latte is a no-fat, no-caffeine, no-calorie daily treat brewed perfectly every day, requiring no waiting lines while others order their fancy coffees. Now eight pounds of pure energy and unconditional love, this lovable little Shi Tzu who has become my self regulator in many ways - going for walks, laughing at his antics, applauding his intelligence, playing fetch, rubbing his belly or just plain resting in our chair.

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