10 Steps Every Educator Needs to Know to Create a Trauma Informed School

Learning can be a real struggle for children who have experienced a trauma. But once trauma is identified as the root of the behavior, educators can adapt their approach to help students cope when they are at school.

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Classroom Comfort Corners

Posted by Jean West on December 15, 2014 in classroom, safety, safety and structure, school, security, self-regulation, self-soothing category

The concept of “safe spaces” or “comfort corners” in school classrooms is part of the movement in helping our schools become trauma informed. These areas are a specific place designated within the classroom where a child can go to comfort themselves and regain control.

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Use of Social Media in a School Crisis

Posted on June 3, 2014 in school, school counselors, school crisis, school psychologists category

Today when a crisis occurs in school settings, students and staff alike immediately post the news on social media. When administration fails to respond to its staff and students as quickly and in the same medium, the perception is that administration is either unprepared, insensitive or has something to hide. These unwanted perceptions lead to a sense of distrust and more importantly prolong and intensify the reactions of those closest to what has happened.

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