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Tips for Helping the "It" Kids Through the Grieving Process

Posted by Linda Duran on September 23, 2016 in grief, grief counseling, grieving category

We all know who they are—the highly intelligent, creative, innovative individuals who do so much for our world. They are the doers, the problem solvers, the inventors, the artists, the organizers and the entrepreneurs. They take care of everything and everybody. They change the world—usually for the better – and we hardly even notice them or what they do for us. We just benefit from them being in our world.

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11 Tips to Help Grieving Students

Posted by Linda Duran on November 3, 2015 in grief, grief counseling, grieving category

School children—like the rest of us—deal with loss and grief. This grief definitely affects their ability to handle the stresses that a normal school day can bring and inevitability affects their ability to learn in the school environment.

Teachers, counselors, and administrators all want to help these students heal and learn, but the demands on their time and energy are extremely high.

Below are a few quick but effective tips to help these students during this difficult time in their lives:

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