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Mind Body Skills for Emotional Regulation

Mind Body Skills

This online course takes a deep dive into the psychophysiology of trauma. Experiential activities are practiced to help participants understand how mind body skills become a language for self-awareness, centering, expression and great insight into helping traumatized youth see themselves as survivors. Participants learn how to rate symptoms and reactions while teaching grounding skills. Mind-body skills highlighted in this training include: breath work, focused awareness, guided imagery and expressive arts. 

The course consists of video segments of a live presentation, reading and test. A downloadable pdf of the 125 page TLC Mind-Body Skills Guidebook is included as well as CEs.

Learning Objectives:

  • The learner will be able to name the key components of the trauma cycle from activation to balance.
  • The learner will understand the main concept of the polyvagal theory
  • The learner will be able to discuss at least 3 benefits to using movement in trauma intervention.
  • The learner will provide examples of how the “FREEZE” response can help trauma survivors.
  • The learner will name at least 5 interventions for grounding.
  • The learner will differentiate between feelings and sensations.

You may also be interested in the TLC workbook, Mind Body Skills: Activities for Emotional Regulation by Dr. Caelan Soma.

This course is also available as a live training that can be presented at your school, district or organization. Email info@starr.org to book a training.


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