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Healing the Experience of Trauma

Healing the Experience of Trauma

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The course consists of video segments of a live presentation and test. This online course will present, "Healing the Experience of Trauma: A Program for Youth," which was developed for practitioners to use with children who are living in a constant state of toxic stress. Instead of asking a child what happened, it focuses on their lives now. Learn the process of moving traumatized youth between themes of trauma and feelings of connection, resilience and strength. Structured sessions integrate mind-body skills and expressive art activities that provide the child with a platform to be an active participant in their healing.

The course consists of video segments of a live presentation by Dr. Caelan Soma and a test. 


  • Understand the psychophysiology of trauma.
  • Name at least three ways stress and trauma influence changes in the central nervous system.
  • Identify the components of the core regulation network.
  • Describe ways to engage the vagus nerve according to the polyvagal theory.
  • Demonstrate activities you can use with youth to pendulate between trauma and resilience themes.

NOTE: The "Healing the Experience of Trauma" Program is not included with the online course but is highly recommended.


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