Starr Commonwealth Receives $5,000 Grant Award from the Marshall Community Foundation

Starr Commonwealth has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Marshall Community Foundation to support the “Resilient Communities Project” which will bring the Marshall and Albion communities together through trauma-informed and resilience-focused conversations, activities, and workshops. This multi-level community initiative will focus on community leaders, parents, coaches, church leaders, and all interested community members that would like to learn and grow through conversation on community trauma, racism, and resilience.

Starr’s Global Learning Network will provide community-wide caucus meetings, Glasswing Racial Healing Seminars, movie screenings and community book studies, expressive arts community projects, and other community-driven activities that promote oneness among the Albion and Marshall communities. Starr's year-long Resilient Communities Project will directly impact several hundred local educators, professionals, parents, and caregivers in Marshall, Albion, and the surrounding region with a goal to strengthen the communities with positive youth development approaches and positive peer cultures to build resiliency and address racial injustices.

Currently Starr Commonwealth is reaching out to various focus groups and organizations including the Albion College AmeriCorps*VISTAs, the Albion-Marshall diversity committee led by Harry Bonner, and working closely with the local Marshall Public School district to begin the planning process for facilitating workshops and conversations throughout the Albion-Marshall communities. Elizabeth Carey, President and CEO of Starr Commonwealth, said: “Our strong belief in the greatness of all children requires us to engage with our local community to celebrate, heal and grow together so our towns, neighborhoods and children can flourish. We are so grateful for the support of the Marshall Community Foundation as we join together to build the resilience of our communities”.

Starr Commonwealth, an organization servicing children and families across Michigan and training professionals across the country, is serving the most vulnerable among us due to the support of donors and grant funders such as the Marshall Community Foundation. If you would like to reach out to Starr and help us with our mission through a donation or have questions about this program, you can reach a member of the Starr team at (517)-629-5591.

The Marshall Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in Marshall, and throughout Calhoun County. The Foundation holds permanently endowed funds from a range of donors, and serves as a conduit for special projects and the distribution of grants in support of innovative programs like this one. For more information about the Foundation, visit

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