Crisis Intervention: The First Few Days

Posted on October 28, 2013, in Crisis Intervention

Summary of Dr. Lennis Echterling’s Presentation

This paper is adapted from the July 17, 2004 presentation given by Dr. Lennis Echterling, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA. at the National Institute’s Summer Institute in Detroit, MI. Dr. Echterling’s newest publication, Echterling, L. G., Presbury, J., & McKee, J. E.
(2005). Crisis intervention: Promoting resilience and resolution in troubled times. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill / Prentice Hall (available through The Self Esteem Shop 1-248-549-0511) describes the different processes and strategies that are briefly summarized in this article. His approach is highly recommended and provides very specific language and techniques for helping victims in the first few days before formal debriefing or more intrusive or intense intervention would be appropriate.

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