Posted on November 10, 2013, in Grief and Trauma

Clustering is used by Kay Adams in "Journal to the Self," page 87, and is described by the author as:  “Clustering is a fun, easy and spontaneous way to efficiently access lots of information quickly. As a journal tool, clustering works for brainstorming or project management but also helps integrate and left and right hemispheres of the brain. To begin a cluster, write a key word or phrase in the middle of the page and draw a circle around it. Then free-associate. Spin thoughts off of other thoughts in single words or short phrases. Circle each one and connect it with a line to the one before it. When a new association occurs to you, go back to the central word and begin a new epicenter. Go all over the page and work until you feel an internal shift from randomness to a sense of clarity or direction. Once you are done clustering/mind mapping, write about your conclusions from the words in your cluster. What words came up when you used your name as the central word. Who are you?”

Sample Cluster



Spouse 2

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