Balloons Popping

Posted on November 10, 2013, in Fear

Write or draw the things that you are afraid of on this clown’s bunch of balloons. Some of his balloons are big, and some are small. Select the balloons that fit each fear. You don't have to write on every balloon, and if you need more balloons than this clown is holding, you can draw in your own balloons. After you label the balloons, take your pencil or pen, tell me what makes the different fears go away. If you can think of something that would make that fear go away, let's pretend that we are popping that balloon and that fear by writing the word POP on that balloon in big black letters.

Wow, you were able to think of some good things that might help your fears go away. Doesn't it feel good to POP away those fears? Now there are less fears then when you started!

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