12 Ways to Strengthen Your Family

Posted on October 22, 2013, in Child Development
  1. Spend time with each other as a family.
  2. Compliment each other on smiles (even if it’s ONLY when they get their way), hugs (ALWAYS), chores (even if they aren’t done to perfection), going to school (even if it was difficult to get up and ready), and their love (a child’s love for you is unconditional).
  3. Respect each other—his/her ideas, thoughts, feelings, and words.
  4. Resolve problems in a constructive way.
  5. Talk with each other everyday openly and honestly!
  6. Listen carefully to what others are saying and don’t always offer advice, they may just need you to listen.
  7. Plan activities with your family, and follow through with promises (kids never forget promises).
  8. Show each family member true appreciation.
  9. Take an active role in your community to teach your family morals and values.
  10. Remember the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would like done unto you!”
  11. Help each other and, more importantly, be willing to accept others help offered to you.
  12. Celebrate your family’s strengths each day by asking what was the best part of today. If your child says it was a bad day, ask what helped him or her make it through this tough day. And then support his or her effort.

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