On-Site Training

Starr Commonwealth's Certified Trainers are available to come to your organization to train your staff. We can present the entire Level-1 Certification or can tailor trainings to focus on the areas of your greatest needs. Keep in mind that the more staff who hear the same message at the same time, the greater the support for and likelihood that recommended changes will be endorsed and initiated. If you are interested in arranging a private training at your organization, call us toll-free at 877-306-5256  or email info@starr.org for more information.

Benefits of Training at Your School, Agency or Organization

  • Pick dates to fit your schedule
  • Save on travel expenses
  • More staff can be trained at once
  • Content can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of your staff
  • Specific issues can be addressed in a confidential manner
  • Invite other agencies, schools and organizations
  • Receive a 2-year SGLN Accreditation status for your district, school or agency

Our mission is to increase accessibility to evidence-based, trauma-specific intervention services for children and their families in school, agency and community settings. Today, over 2,000 Certified Trauma Practitioners are using our school and community-based programs and resources across the country. The  Certified Trauma Practitioner Program prepares participants to use the full range of Starr's outcome-driven, evidence-based intervention programs for children and adolescents from 3-18 years of age as well as adults. Our on-site training courses are approved by continuing education providers. For more information, visit our Continuing Education page. Transferring what is learned during training sessions to actual application while realizing the kind of outcomes seen in our research is significantly enhanced by the structured intervention manuals and workbooks available to participants who become Certified Trauma Practitioners. This is supported by those certified members using our programs in schools and agencies.

School and Agency Trainings Since 1990

Over the years we have trained thousands of school personnel in districts across the country. We have also trained thousands of agencies, groups and professional organizations. Many of these schools and agencies have had multiple days of trainings leading to certification as Certified Trauma Practitioners. 


Trainings to Fit Your Organization, Agency or School

We offer courses designed to enable schools, crisis teams, child and family counselors, and private practitioners to help traumatized children and families. Our protocols and interventions are based on the Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents and Parents (SITCAP™) model and focus on stabilizing the crisis/trauma experience. This model can be successfully applied to diverse cultures within varied settings, and Starr interventions are used in school and clinical settings across the country. Because the primary strategies focus on alleviating the fear and terror of the crisis and/or trauma experience, our strategies are adaptable across populations and with violent as well as non-violent induced trauma. Starr Certified Trainers can present one of the trainings listed below or can customize a training to fit the needs of your organization, agency or school. Starr Certified Trainers are experts in the field of childhood trauma with decades of experience and hands-on practice working with specialized populations. They not only teach the “why” but the “how” as they provide practical strategies to use with traumatized children, adolescents and families. For inquiries contact us at info@starr.org.

Starr Certified Trainers Available in the U.S. and Canada

Starr's Certified Trainers bring specialized trauma training to your school, agency or organization. Certified trainers are located throughout the United States and Canada. The following trainings are offered individually or as part of TLC’s overall certification program.

In-Person Trainings Available


Continuing Education Available

Let us know if you need CEs. We can provide them for you for an additional fee.


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