Finding Joy: Simple Strategies for Professionals with Compassion Fatigue

This course will be a journey of awareness, care, and compassion for YOU. Too frequently in helping professions burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue are written off as the cost of caring. We know that this does not have to be true. We need to find ways to live and flourish in our work. How will we do it? In this course we will answer that question for ourselves. Finding Joy will instill the absolute necessity of this commitment you make to yourself, and you will come away with self-defined strategies, practices, or non-activities that make you feel connected to your body, alive, and grounded in the knowledge that our commitment to self-care is imperative to our ability to help others. We will practice strategies that encourage us to live a life sprinkled with experiences of joy, connection, and expansive aliveness. You will be guided through an array of experiences that are designed to help us attune ourselves to our true nature, connect us to our strengths, and create joyful habits that we need to take out into the world to support us in our lives and work.

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