As a guidance counselor, social worker and psychologist, Dr. Steele recognized that professionals who work closely with traumatized children had very few resources available from which to draw upon. He started with a vision and ended with an Institute. The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children™ provides professionals with the opportunity to attend specific courses to obtain TLC Certification as a Certified Trauma Practitioner or Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner. Over 5,000 professionals have obtained TLC Certification since 1995 and 50,000+ professionals have attended TLC trainings world-wide. Currently, over 3,000 schools and agencies across North America are utilizing TLC intervention programs. Download a Certification flyer.

Level-1 Certified Trauma Practitioner

TLC is pleased to offer two Certified Trauma Practitioner tracts:

Clinical - Focused on the needs of clinicians
Education - Focused on the needs of educators

Certification requires you to attend a total of five live or online TLC trainings and an online exam. The courses may be completed over a period of a year. Both Certifications are available as eCertification online packages. There are no prerequisites – anyone can attend a Level-1 course! Learn more about Level-1 Certification.

Level-2 Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner Certification

If you already have earned your Level-1 Certification and are interested in advancing, the next level is Level-2.
Learn more about Level-2 Certification requirements.

Certified Trainer

This is a new certification designed for professionals who are invested in promoting TLC programs, interventions and its future by being part of our organization as a TLC Certified Trainer. More information on how to become a TLC Certified Trainer.

Keep Your Certification Current

To maintain your Certification you must complete one TLC 6 credit online course or attend a one-day TLC training per calendar year. All TLC courses are approved for Continuing Education credits.

Benefits of Certification

  • Sets you apart from others in your field, (social work, counselor, psychologists) as being an expert in trauma.
  • Certification supports your credibility as a trauma specialist.
  • Provides you with additional credentials  which certifies you to provide evidence based SITCAP® model trauma intervention programs.
  • Possible insurance reimbursement for clients.
  • Part of a large network of professionals who also specialize in the field of trauma.
  • Enhances skill set as a practitioner tools and intervention programs available to use with traumatized clients.
  • Training/certification easily translates into practical application.

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