The Starr Accreditation Model was born out of a consilience of Starr Commonwealth’s 100+ year history of changing the lives of young people, along with the knowledge and expertise of the Starr Global Learning Network’s (SGLN) three key programs: 

  • The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC)
  • Reclaiming Youth International (RYI)
  • Glasswing

Central to the Starr Accredited Trauma Informed model is the Circle of Courage® philosophy which states that in order to be emotionally well, all people need a strong sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. 

Through the process of becoming a Starr Accredited Trauma Informed School or Agency our experts will help transform your organization’s culture into one where young people can heal, move beyond their trauma and pain and build skills of resilience to overcome adversity. Your staff and professionals will learn to view children through a trauma-informed, resilience-focused lens and learn to utilize tools and resources to help children and families flourish.

Customized to Your Needs

All recommendations made by our staff are completely customizable to your organization’s specific needs! Your experience during this process will likely include some or all of the following courses and action steps: Trauma-Informed Schools, Courageous Classrooms, Mind Body Skills, Certified Trainer Training, Trauma and Resilience Parent Workshops, on-site coaching/consulting and more! Your organization can choose to pursue accreditation at your own pace or as your time and budget allows.

Once your school or agency has received Accreditation, you are required to maintain certain policies, practices, ongoing training, and data collection in order to maintain your status. Renewal is granted every 3 years upon completion of a successful site visit, refresher training from an SGLN consultant and verification that fidelity has been maintained.


The benefits of completing our accreditation model are virtually limitless, however the measurable benefits of accreditation include:


  • Academic achievement and test scores
  • School climate
  • Teacher sense of satisfaction and retention
  • Graduation rates
  • Community and family collaboration with school


  • Student behavioral outbursts and referrals
  • Stress for staff and students
  • Absences, detentions and suspensions
  • Student bullying, harassment and fights
  • Need for special education, services and classes
  • Drop-out rates

You will also be able to market yourself as a Starr Accredited Trauma Informed School or Agency and use the associated logo and imagery. Your staff will have unlimited access to our resource library of evidence-based intervention tools.

Get Started

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Starr Accredited Trauma Informed School or Agency and how it would help your organization, give us a call at 800.837.5591 or email us at

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