Facilitator Training for Healing of Racism

Racial Healing: Glasswing

Glasswing is committed to racial healing and the oneness of humankind. Starr Commonwealth created Glasswing as a catalyst to starting the conversation around racism. Now all Starr employees participate in Glasswing’s two-day seminars, and organizations across the country have experienced the program’s powerful message of compassion, honesty and unity.

Why: Hidden Prejudice

Racism is one of the most pervasive challenges facing our society today. Although instances of racism may be less overt than in the past, significant divides still exist. Glasswing was created to start the difficult process of racial healing and creating racial equity.

What: A Unique Approach to Racial Healing

Using a method called “The Five Shifts,” Glasswing gives participants a fresh perspective on racial healing. Glasswing facilitators are experienced in creating an environment of honesty, ensuring the safety of all participants. These sessions can’t solve the issue of racism in two days. But they can be the spark that gets real, meaningful change started.

How: Racial Healing Seminars

Through two-day seminars, Glasswing participants learn the value of listening. The idea of truly trying to experience someone else’s reality is a powerful way to gain insight into each other’s lives. Participants often feel as if they’ve undergone a transformation of both the heart and mind.

Our Story

One of the core values at Starr Commonwealth is the belief in the oneness of humankind. Glasswing was created with that in mind. In 1996, after Starr leadership attended an event where renowned racial healing author Nathan Rutstein was speaking, the organization felt strongly that it could deliver something of value to the conversation on racism and racial healing. Glasswing’s two-day sessions are often referred to as the “Glasswing experience,” as many leave the process emotionally drained but ready to make a difference in their communities. Glasswing has trained thousands from organizations like Kellogg, Michigan State University, Purdue University and State Farm on the impact of racism on our communities.

Glasswing and the Starr Global Learning Network

The Starr Global Learning Network brings together three of the leading programs in positive youth development, trauma and racial healing. These include Reclaiming Youth International, The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, and Glasswing.

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